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BioW, the Air Treatment Unit

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Did you know?

According to the World Health Organization (who.org), every year, 3.8 million premature deaths are caused by exposure to household air pollution.

Biow fights against:

combate el asma


combate las alergias


combate la rinitis


combate epoc


combate los problemas cardiacos

Hearth diseases

combate la polución

Other pollution consequences

Household air pollution

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What is Biow?

Biow is an air treatment solution that offers total air purification. Biow is totally silent and provides the best performance for your home.

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Biow purifies your home.

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Up to 99,73 of air volatile particles.


Heat or fresh air

Besides air purifying, Biow offers two power in heat and three speeds in air flow. All to heat or freshen the air while purifying.


Low consumption

You can really purify your air at home for less than one Euro consumption per month.

Health means beauty

Biow also improves blood circulation, hair and skin

Health means beauty
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